Google adplanner

is a site analyzing any site for those thinking about buying advertising.  I doubt you will find either your or your competitor’s stats as the traffic would be too small. Here two screenshots showing the results for  Click to enlarge.










This is my favorite because it tracks smaller activity sites.  It will find your small competitor as well as yourself.  Here are screenshots for as well as a smaller funeral home in my market with less than a thousand unique visitors a month. Click to enlarge.










Like Google Adplanner, this site may not hit smaller sites.  But it gives a ton of helpful information.  Below are three screenshots for dignity memorial.  Note the activity but then note that it lists the keywords the site is targeting and competing sites as well as sites that seem to be associated.  If your competitors site shows up it will show the key word targets.  Of course there are other ways that target this as well if you know where to look. Click to enlarge.

Traffic Estimate









Key Word Targets






Sites that compete for keywords










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