no casket

politically incorrect photo

Last week’s post was about casket discounting. I just want to make myself clear.

I still meet people who believe their salvation is in the selection room. They even have incorporated their arrangement rooms inside their showrooms. (What kind of message does that send??)

What I want my readers to know is that I resent the game playing on any one’s part. But I also do not believe a merchandise manufacturer (whether urn or casket or vault) can have an answer for us.

If there is an answer it lies in the proper execution of a life honoring service tailored to the individual and their circle of relationships.

Preoccupation with casket pricing and casket merchandising is a distraction of the greatest magnitude in our times.

Oh, and I am flat against letting your vendors have long term contracts. Our world is too fluid for that and, besides, I can see how it is to their advantage but not yours. I guess I might change my mind if, instead of giving you a “free” showroom, they helped you get rid of your showroom and maybe gave you a “free” out door party patio to showcase your celebrations.