As I travel about the country I encounter a lot of good ideas and some bad. It seems to me that my readers might enjoy learning about some of these first hand.

Not long ago I encountered a young funeral home owner who had improved on an old idea. In fact, when I first saw what he had done my first  reaction was “nothing new here!” But I was wrong. Matt Jones and his crew at Blue Dove Software have taken video tributes to a whole new level. I particularly like the ease of use, speed of deployment and all inclusive approach. It seems like there is nothing Matt hasn’t thought of.

As you watch this inaugural video “Dog & Pony” Show look for these things:

  • Simplicity and speed
  • The integration of tributes into eulogies
  • The full automatic integration of tributes, websites AND social media
  • Ability to support multiple screens with different content
  • Automatically launches a website for each family

I encourage you to contact Blue Dove for a personal demonstration.