sleeping on jobWhat happened to social etiquette?

You spend a couple of million dollars on a new building and you let the public be disappointed the moment they enter the door.

I visit a lot of funeral homes and the experience ranges from abysmal to glorious with a whole lot more on the abysmal side than the glorious side. We all know first impressions are everything.

So, here is what I would tell my staff:

  • The lobby is not the employee lounge
  • Stand when someone enters a room (stand, don’t struggle to get up)
  • Look people in the eye
  • Greet everyone
    • introduce yourself
    • ask if you can help them
    • say good morning, good afternoon or good evening…not Hey, How ya’ doin’ or some other colloquialism
    • offer to shake hands
  • For frequent visitors like delivery and mail get to know their names and use them
  • Wear your name tag where it can be seen
  • Don’t slouch — stand up and sit up straight
  • Be warm and approachable
  • Offer them a cup of coffee or bottle of water
    • have a bottle of water ready for the mail person every time (they know a lot of people)
  • Be present with everyone
  • Offer them a tour if they are waiting
  • If you offer gifts like note pads, coin purses and the like offer them one
  • Eat your lunch somewhere other than the public areas
  • Take care of your personal appearance
    • Ladies skip the cleavage
    • Men wear your coats
    • Men groom the facial hair

In other words make everyone who enters your door glad they came in.