The article linked below appeared in the August 2010 issue of “Plaintiff Magazine”and was brought to my attention by my friend Ernie Heffner. It is a MUST read for all DeathCare Practitioners.

My Recommendation:  print it out and require all your funeral staff to read it.

Just some highlights from this attorney author to his colleagues:

  • “Representing family members in an action against a funeral services provider may be one of the most rewarding cases of your career… [they] can be immensely satisfying.”
  • “These cases involve some surprising advantages that set them apart from a typical plaintiff’s case.”
  • “Cases can involve: losing remains, damaging remains in a motor vehicle accident, improper refrigeration, improper embalming, cremating the wrong remains, mixing cremains of multiple persons, improperly throwing away fetal remains as medical waste, conducting unlawful autopsies…to name a few.”
  • “The implied covenants of all funeral services contracts makes proving breach much easier and emotional distress damages recoverable.”
  • “it is well recognized that the real objects of the agreement between the family and the mortuary are consolation, consideration, dignity and peace of mind.”
You can click on the photo below and download the article.  Enjoy!