radar oreillyLessons From Radar O’Reilly

Some years ago there was a nationwide nursing shortage. Then some very wise doctor’s and hospitals realized that there really wasn’t a shortage…there was a problem. Too many nursing duties were non – nursing tasks. Things like paperwork, bathing patients, cleaning rooms etc. Doctors and hospitals were using nurses as glorified clericals. Even with this awareness things didn’t change much. Except in a few medical institutions.

What did they find? When they augmented their nursing staff with support staff to do non nursing activities patient care improved; they only needed 1/3 as many nurses; they were able to cut costs; increase pay and improve the work environment for the remaining nurses. Patients were happier, nurses were happier and so were administrators.

The average case load in America for Licensed Funeral Directors is somewhere in and around 85. Why can’t it be 125? What are your funeral directors doing that are really non funeral director duties?

If I were you I would want a Radar O’Reilly on my support team. Radar, as some of you will remember, was the colonel’s assistant in the long – running tv show MASH. What qualities did he have that we should want?

  • Commitment and focus on support. Working ahead of the breaking wave, being proactive and ANTICIPATING needs before they were needed
  • Exceptional task and time management
    • Disciplined focus
    • Continued awareness of time and task and especially vision (Why am I here?)
    • Distinguish between the ‘important but not urgent” and the “urgent but not important”
  • Keen Intuition. The ability to read the Colonel’s mind as well as others and respond in the moment
  • Strong listening skills. Able to listen with an open mind
  • Organized
  • Strong interpersonal skills and relationship management. Ability to get things done through and with people
  • Technologically capable. Know how to optimize technology for efficiency
  • Sense of humor
  • High energy
  • Confident enough to work independently
  • Able to execute projects and communicate with others effectively
  • High in emotional intelligence and self management
  • Resourceful problem solvers
  • Efficient multi tasker
  • Thrives on change but honors the need for stability and completion

Licensees don’t need to work harder…just smarter.