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Universal Requirements For Successful Family Transition

There are 3 Universal requirements for a successful family business transfer: A competent successor The Business is ready The owner is ready Part 1 - A Competent Successor A successor is … [Read More...]

Merry Christmas

The message at the end of this video is the message I pray all my friends and … [Read More...]

Should Women Wear Pant Suits?

I seem to have a penchant for joining fights that aren't mine. Not long ago I … [Read More...]

Thumbnail: What’s It Worth?

A lot of my readers are curious about what their business is worth but aren't … [Read More...]

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

I think it is fitting to celebrate Thanksgiving by reading Lincoln's original … [Read More...]

Is Funeral Service Ready For Innovation?

Uhhh...NO! I got an email from Harvard Business Review today. It invited me … [Read More...]

Employee Pushback – A Strategy

A client and friend of mine recently spent days revising the staff schedule to … [Read More...]


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