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Serve more families, work less and be more profitable

Staff shortages among licensed professions have been successfully addressed by changing the model in the medical and legal professions. The solution is simple: focus skilled licensed staff on the … [Read More...]

Check Their Math! How The Herd Instinct Works In Funeral Service

WARNING! This is not about caskets! A couple of decades ago I was visiting with … [Read More...]

Lest You Misunderstand

Last week's post was about casket discounting. I just want to make myself … [Read More...]

The Curse of the 25% Casket Wholesale Discount

So, it's not my hunt...not even my dog; but I just hate being played. A few … [Read More...]

You Don’t Need Another Licensee

Lessons From Radar O'Reilly Some years ago there was a nationwide nursing … [Read More...]

Families Aren’t Your Typical Consumer

Many consider the advent of the Internet to have ushered in the "Age Of The … [Read More...]

Ragman: An Allegory of Death and Resurrection

As we prepare to celebrate Easter author Walter Wangerin, Jr. offers us a … [Read More...]


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