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Funeral Service and Post Traumatic Stress

After the Newton Massacre I brought up the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a blog entitled: PTSD: The Slow Leak in Funeral Service’ Tire I got so many responses I republished it as: The … [Read More...]

Conventional Incentives Don’t Work As Well As They Used To

The conventional incentive rewards the individual...usually with something … [Read More...]

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

In light of our recent presidential election this is especially fitting. The … [Read More...]

Buy Sell: The Texas Shoot Out Provision

I love the story of two little boys fighting over the last piece of cake. Mom … [Read More...]

Rice Paddy to Rice Paddy in 3 Generations

Sociologists have discovered there is a saying in every culture that is best … [Read More...]

What Proof Do You Require?

We live in a litigious society. More and more practitioners are ending up in … [Read More...]

Too Busy To Succeed

Most of us know that success requires that we spend, at least, some time working … [Read More...]


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