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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Every once in a while you run across something that is so sound that you can't improve on it. This advice from Daniel Pink is one of those. Watch this 81 second video and you will see what I … [Read More...]

Merchandising Rental Caskets

I like the approach demonstrated in the attached picture. My friend, David … [Read More...]

Part 3: The Owner Is Ready

Maybe you are anxious to exit your business. Or perhaps you dread the day you … [Read More...]

Part 2: The Business Is Ready

I have lived in my house for 30+ years and we are getting ready to sell and move … [Read More...]

Universal Requirements For Successful Family Transition

There are 3 Universal requirements for a successful family business … [Read More...]

Merry Christmas

The message at the end of this video is the message I pray all my friends and … [Read More...]

Should Women Wear Pant Suits?

I seem to have a penchant for joining fights that aren't mine. Not long ago I … [Read More...]


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