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Lest You Misunderstand

Last week's post was about casket discounting. I just want to make myself clear. I still meet people who believe their salvation is in the selection room. They even have incorporated their … [Read More...]

The Curse of the 25% Casket Wholesale Discount

So, it's not my hunt...not even my dog; but I just hate being played. A few … [Read More...]

You Don’t Need Another Licensee

Lessons From Radar O'Reilly Some years ago there was a nationwide nursing … [Read More...]

Families Aren’t Your Typical Consumer

Many consider the advent of the Internet to have ushered in the "Age Of The … [Read More...]

Ragman: An Allegory of Death and Resurrection

As we prepare to celebrate Easter author Walter Wangerin, Jr. offers us a … [Read More...]

A New Approach To Price Shoppers

I subscribe to the Harvard Business Review Blog and an interesting article came … [Read More...]

Lessons From Bar Fighting

While I was in college I spent a summer as a Merchant Seaman on a Great Lakes … [Read More...]


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