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This Is What I Would Tell My Staff

What happened to social etiquette? You spend a couple of million dollars on a new building and you let the public be disappointed the moment they enter the door. I visit a lot of funeral homes … [Read More...]

Casket Merchandising and The Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne effect occurs when individuals modify or improve an aspect of … [Read More...]

Confronting Passive Aggressive Behavior at Work.

Most people in the funeral profession are almost pathologically averse to … [Read More...]

Creedy & McQueen Earn Exit Planning Certification

You're here...NOW WHAT! There are more ways to transition a business than just … [Read More...]

Serve more families, work less and be more profitable

Staff shortages among licensed professions have been successfully addressed by … [Read More...]

Check Their Math! How The Herd Instinct Works In Funeral Service

WARNING! This is not about caskets! A couple of decades ago I was visiting with … [Read More...]

Lest You Misunderstand

Last week's post was about casket discounting. I just want to make myself … [Read More...]


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