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Best Practices Writ Large

There is still time to sign up for the Insider's Business Plan Conference Nov. 13 -14 Seems like you can attend a funeral meeting about every single day of the year...including mine! Does it say … [Read More...]

“We’re Just Going to Have a Party (Later On)”

How many families have walked through your doors in recent years requesting not … [Read More...]

We All Know The Questions…It’s Time For Some Answers

Sometimes the course of our lives depends on what we do...or what we don't … [Read More...]

I Am Tired of Talking About Change…Aren’t You?

We need to quit talking about change and figure out HOW we need to change if we … [Read More...]

How Funeral Directors Confuse Being Nice With Being Kind

When it comes to customers funeral directors are often the nicest people. But … [Read More...]

The Fallacy of Casket Discounts

Ever since it was revealed that SCI enjoyed a big discount the discussion around … [Read More...]

Hey You…Yes You!

I am out of my comfort zone.  It's ok.  But it's like learning to write your … [Read More...]