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Bill McQueen comments on something we all need to know more about. Part 2 of  2 Last week I mentioned that I had successfully defended 3 harassment suits over my career. I credit that success to several factors: 1) the internal culture of respect and consideration I demanded 2) Following […]

Bill McQueen gives us some critically important pointers. Part 1 of 2 Over my career I have led three companies that faced harassment charges made by employees. Because I had policies and procedures in place and followed them to the letter all were resolved in favor of the company. That […]

Did you know that money is not a motivator. It is only a hygiene factor. Paying too little creates dissatisfaction…paying fairly only takes away the bone of contention…paying too much does not create enthusiasm and can often lead to dissatisfaction. So what really motivates people.  It’s simpler than you think […]

Esse Quam Videri

I have to admit I tense up whenever someone begins using the Ritz Carlton as an example Funeral Service should use to fashion its own customer service profile.  Not that we can’t learn some things from the Ritz.  We most certainly can!  But it is a dangerous recommendation when we […]

Managers Vs. Leaders: Which Are You?

As a student of leadership and as a “Benchmark” Assessor for the Center for Creative Leadership, I am well aware of the impact poor leadership has on results.  The problem, in my mind, is the historical emphasis on styles more appropriate to factory settings than businesses that actually interface with the public. […]

I started my career in business turnarounds in the 1970’s when I worked for  a company whose business it was to buy and “refurbish” distressed businesses and resell them. DeathCare is in need of a turn around. There are different types of turnaround strategies and turnaround strategists.  Many are simply liquidators […]

The Emperor Has No Clothes

What employee turnover reveals about your leadership. Employee turnover can reveal a lot of things.  Surely turnover is normal but both too much and too little are signs of serious management issues.  The pressures of the last ten years have led many in DeathCare to be frustrated with their employees.  […]

Here is a public service announcement that you can really use. One of the things that occasionally happens at funerals, visitations, arrangement conferences and graveside services is that people have heart attacks. So, I think this would be important for your staff to see. As a PR idea I would […]

The Tyranny of the Ten Call Man

A Management lesson from the bible One of the most common and pervasive staffing problems in funeral service is the man or woman who undermines almost every current and future issue management tries to address.  They are the “Mayor of the Prep Room”.  No matter what initiative you attempt, they quietly […]

How “Best Purpose” Trumps “Best Practice”

How a part time hostess taught me the most valuable lesson. It was late 1989.  Rachel was then in her mid 70’s.  A retired school teacher, she had worked for us for about 6 or 7 years.  She was a quiet, unassuming and gracious woman who had that gift of […]