Now For Something Completely New

As I travel about the country I encounter a lot of good ideas and some bad. It seems to me that my readers might enjoy learning about some of these first hand. Not long ago I encountered a young funeral home owner who had improved on an old idea. In fact, when I first saw [...]

Our Industry’s Self Talk: The Bad and the Great.

Alternative Title: It's Time To Get Over Yourself! Not long ago I was part of a group studying the challenges of recruitment in the funeral profession. I was stunned to hear the "table talk" of practicing funeral directors. Our conversations centered around why people wouldn't want to be funeral directors...the long and unpredictable work hours, [...]

On Motivation – Money Is Not The Answer

Did you know that money is not a motivator. It is only a hygiene factor. Paying too little creates dissatisfaction...paying fairly only takes away the bone of contention...paying too much does not create enthusiasm and can often lead to dissatisfaction. So what really motivates people.  It's simpler than you think and if you are as [...]

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Roadmap To A Great Legacy

I started out too many weeks ago addressing the virtues of a senior leader making themselves unnecessary and I ran straight into a wall! My apologies but this is too important to take lightly so I took my time to untangle the issues and turns out it's really pretty simple. There are three roles each [...]

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Video: If You Want A High Performing Organization Are You Measuring The Right Things?

My hero, Peter Drucker, believed: "For the organization to perform to a high standard, its members must believe that what it is doing is, in the last analysis, the one contribution to community and society on which all others depend." For more than 30 years I have believed that DeathCare makes just such a contribution. [...]

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A Model For Change Within Your Organization

Here is an interesting perspective on implementing change within your own organization. Most funeral homes and cemeteries are at level III.  One or two are possibly at level IV.  To my knowledge, I have never been exposed to a level V. Where Do You Fit on The Scale? Will it be your tribe that changes [...]

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The Simpler The Strategy The More Likely The Success

Why do DeathCare Practitioners get these "Deer In The Headlight" looks when you use the word "Strategy" in their presence? I think it's partly because they don't really know where to start what can really be a pretty simple activity.  And, besides, somebody keeps changing the starting point every darn day. If you attend enough [...]

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Lessons On Leadership: Peak Performance From Adequate People

Peter Drucker was the first to draw a parallel between Leadership and Orchestra Conductors when he observed: "A great orchestra is not composed of great musicians but of adequate ones who produce at their peak. [A great conductor] has to make productive what he has...the players are nearly unchangeable.  So it is the conductor's people [...]