The Curse of the 25% Casket Wholesale Discount

charlie brownSo, it’s not my hunt…not even my dog; but I just hate being played.

A few weeks ago I was working with a client in the Midwest:

50 to 60 calls

30 – 35 caskets sold a year

He was so proud of himself. He had just negotiated a 25% discount from one of the big 3 but not Batesville.

Besides being annoyed that he had no idea how the 25% related to full price I had to leave the room just to bang my head against the wall. Sometimes external pain can temporarily relieve angst.

Isn’t anybody else wondering…or is it just me…if a guy who sells 30 – 35 caskets a year is getting a 25% discount and everyone else (large and small) is getting a 25% discount who the heck is paying full wholesale?


is the net price after the 25% discount really the new full wholesale?

Just sayin’

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