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Esse Quam Videri

I have to admit I tense up whenever someone begins using the Ritz Carlton as an example Funeral Service should use to fashion its own customer service profile.  Not that we can’t learn some things from the Ritz.  We most certainly can!  But it is a dangerous recommendation when we […]

Why Families Seem Ruder Today and Some Tips on How To Respond

Funeral Directors are increasingly distressed about being treated rudely by families. This rudeness often causes practitioners to lose control of vital conversations at critical moments.  Industry vendors know that Funeral Directors can be very rude as well.   In my opinion the reasons both are rude is fundamentally the same. […]

Are Funeral Directors “wired” to Lose in The “New Normal” Part 3

Last week in part 2 of this series we learned that “Challengers” don’t educate,  they teach.  They are not afraid of pushing their customers  to think in new ways.  We also learned that while people may like those who are nice to them, they like those who help them gain […]