Online Funeral Arranging: What I think and a Harvard Study that Supports It.

While I was involved in preneed marketing I observed an odd and, yet, consistent human behavior. Research suggests that many people would prefer to plan their funeral with someone other than a funeral director. YET, when a death occurred they don't want to talk with anyone BUT a funeral director. So as the internet has [...]

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Recruiting At Zaxby’s

Recruiting at Zaxby's The single greatest challenge facing funeral service is not cremation.  It is our inability to find and recruit and retain good quality funeral directors. Fully 2/3 of the current licensee labor pool is over 55. Our inability to replace this work force has very nasty consequences.  Not only will families be [...]

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Two Questions Professional Experts Ask Themselves Before Meeting With Clients

These two questions will help you set the stage and provide the service your families are looking for. Today, there are two schools of thought on how to attract more families: Low cost Hyper service To be financially successful as a low-cost provider requires a level of discipline and cost control rarely seen among [...]

Inside the Mind of Funeral Consumers

Several years ago the Funeral Service Foundation commissioned an unorthodox market research project. They retained one of the foremost market research firms - Olson Zaltman - to study the funeral consumer's unconscious thoughts about funerals. They broke the research into two segments: What consumers actually thought about funerals at the unconscious level What consumers actually [...]

What To Do When Your Heart Isn’t In Your Work Anymore

Call it what you want: Career fatigue, burnout, and boredom. The truth is almost all of us go through times when we feel our heart isn’t in it anymore. In fact, research shows that only one in three of us are actually engaged at work. I realize there are circumstantial issues that contribute to this; [...]

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The Neurosis That Defines Funeral Service: Perfectionism

I have a book on my office shelf entitled “Perfectionism...Sure Cure For Happiness”. The reason this is important is that, having performed almost 100 culture assessments in funeral service I know that perfectionism is the dominant industry neurosis. Yes, I agree, “Funeral Service Is In The Details”. But it’s how we measure performance that gets [...]

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Business Partners: The Rainmaker & The Operator

Partnerships, by their very nature, are problematic. They are worse when there is not a clear vision of role differentiation that is understood by all and mutually respected. This role differentiation is key to smooth and successful partnerships. When differentiation is not present roles tend to overlap and conflict. Competition among partners develops and eventually [...]

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