What To Do When Your Heart Isn’t In Your Work Anymore

Call it what you want: Career fatigue, burnout, and boredom. The truth is almost all of us go through times when we feel our heart isn’t in it anymore. In fact, research shows that only one in three of us are actually engaged at work. I realize there are circumstantial issues that contribute to this; [...]

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Business Partners: The Rainmaker & The Operator

Partnerships, by their very nature, are problematic. They are worse when there is not a clear vision of role differentiation that is understood by all and mutually respected. This role differentiation is key to smooth and successful partnerships. When differentiation is not present roles tend to overlap and conflict. Competition among partners develops and eventually [...]

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Employee Pushback – A Strategy

A client and friend of mine recently spent days revising the staff schedule to be more efficient and effective. He took great pains to think about its impact on staff and did his best to devise a plan that would work best for the funeral home AND create the least inconvenience for his staff. After [...]

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A Fat Man Dresses For Work

Alan Creedy CPA "My name is Alan and I am overweight!" Last week I was shocked when someone said to me, "Alan, you are always well dressed and so professional looking." It really took me aback. I certainly don't see myself that way. But I DO see myself as a professional who has [...]

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This Is What I Would Tell My Staff

What happened to social etiquette? You spend a couple of million dollars on a new building and you let the public be disappointed the moment they enter the door. I visit a lot of funeral homes and the experience ranges from abysmal to glorious with a whole lot more on the abysmal side than the [...]

Confronting Passive Aggressive Behavior at Work.

Most people in the funeral profession are almost pathologically averse to confrontation. As a result, the predominant internal culture in funeral homes is Passive Aggressive. If you have been a subscriber for long you know I have a personal issue with what I call the "Ten Call Tyrant". He or she is that individual you [...]

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Serve more families, work less and be more profitable

Staff shortages among licensed professions have been successfully addressed by changing the model in the medical and legal professions. The solution is simple: focus skilled licensed staff on the right duties and supplement them with trained lower level staff. The result: Licensees handle more cases, work fewer hours, produce more income and, as a byproduct, [...]

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You Don’t Need Another Licensee

Lessons From Radar O'Reilly Some years ago there was a nationwide nursing shortage. Then some very wise doctor's and hospitals realized that there really wasn't a shortage...there was a problem. Too many nursing duties were non - nursing tasks. Things like paperwork, bathing patients, cleaning rooms etc. Doctors and hospitals were using nurses as glorified [...]