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Reinvention: Islands of Excellence In A Sea of Mediocrity

"one cannot manage change.  One can only be ahead of it."  Peter Drucker The Cornerstone Assumption of the funeral side of DeathCare is that being nice is the same as being effective.  Our "worldview" of being nice people is that we must never, ever make waves or create awkwardness.  We run pell-mell from any form [...]

It’s All In The Attitude

My friend, Howard Beckham, responded to last week's video on customer service at Starbucks with the following comment. I feel if all of us would adopt his attitude we would see much happier customers.  Thank you Howard. "Many years ago as an 18 year old working at J.C. Penney Co. I began to understand the [...]

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Wanna Know What Your Brand Stands For? Write Its Obituary.

Nothing brings greater clarity than an impending death. You have spent a career writing obituaries for others. Now it turns out that if you AND your staff take the time to write your firm's obituary it will reveal some interesting insights that will help you establish your brand better...or...learn you don't have a brand after [...]

Reinventing The Obituary

People are wondering what impact Baby Boomers will have on DeathCare. I believe one trend you as a practitioner can get ahead of is the reinvention of the Obituary.  These two examples appeared in the Winston - Salem Journal on the same day. You will have to click on John Litcher to read his. John [...]

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Signs Your Preneed Program is Underperforming

With almost 30 year's experience I think I can safely say I know something about Preneed selling and marketing.  Sadly, it has been my experience that most independent funeral homes practice a form of benign mediocrity in which everyone fails to reach their potential but they all love working together.  "Happy Failures" is what we [...]

EXPERT OPINION: 5 Tips for Positioning Your Funeral Home for Success in the New Year

Did your funeral home achieve all of its goals for 2012? Does the increasing number of families selecting cremation with no services have you concerned? 2013 is a new year that brings a new set of goals to help reboot you business and your team. The New Year is the perfect time to create new [...]


In Old Testament Days the Hebrew Temple contained the "Holy of Holies" behind the "Veil of The Temple".  The Ark of The Covenant which, in turn, held the stone tablets on which were written the Ten Commandments and Moses' rod was inside this area.  So sacred was it that only one priest was allowed to [...]

Reinvention: A 3 Pronged Plan

I once heard a sermon that now seems appropriate to this last in my series on reinvention. We all know the story of Jesus healing the blind.  This sermon wondered not about the healing but THE DAY AFTER.  The man's whole life was turned upside down.  He had KNOWN HOW to be blind.  His livelihood depended on [...]