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It’s All In The Attitude

My friend, Howard Beckham, responded to last week’s video on customer service at Starbucks with the following comment. I feel if all of us would adopt his attitude we would see much happier customers.  Thank you Howard. “Many years ago as an 18 year old working at J.C. Penney Co. […]

The Wind Is Changing – The Conversation Project

For months now I have been telling DeathCare that the wind is changing in our favor.  The public attitude toward death and dying is changing at the GLOBAL level.  For the present those involved in this are all “grass roots” initiatives springing up independent of each other wherever I look. […]

This question and its brother: “How much does a funeral cost?”  Are non questions.  When we attempt to answer them directly with rational logical explanations we only end up annoying most people.  Especially if we weigh them down with a litany of hours, cost of having a building and the […]

Why Families Seem Ruder Today and Some Tips on How To Respond

Funeral Directors are increasingly distressed about being treated rudely by families. This rudeness often causes practitioners to lose control of vital conversations at critical moments.  Industry vendors know that Funeral Directors can be very rude as well.   In my opinion the reasons both are rude is fundamentally the same. […]

Funerals As Counter Culture

Are we rapidly moving toward a “Post-Funeral”culture? I don’t think so. After 50 years of steady decline in public attitudes towards funerals the pendulum is swinging back our way.  Like Croci in the spring, the signs are poking through the frost if you will just look and this week’s post […]

The Secret Sauce: How We Might Resurrect DeathCare

Is it possible that in some markets people no longer care? In this series on Funeral Apologetics I have pointed out that our real problem is cowardice and have endeavored to share some techniques that might help the profession fight for itself.  Several very thoughtful individuals (whom I also admire) […]

Don’t Confuse Me With Your Facts

Apologists must be aware of 4 generally accepted fallacies: Consumers think in a well-reasoned rational way In fact, emotions are closely interwoven with the reasoning process.  Most often they are dominant. Consumers can readily explain their behavior and thinking 95% of our thinking is unconscious.  Our rational mind serves mainly […]

The Problem is Not Cremation…

…The problem is cowardice!! There, it’s been said. Plain and simple:  We have been unwilling to stand up for what we believe and now we are not sure we believe it any more. After all how long can you get beat up and still try to stand?  So, instead of […]

Are Funeral Directors “wired” to Lose in The “New Normal” Part 3

Last week in part 2 of this series we learned that “Challengers” don’t educate,  they teach.  They are not afraid of pushing their customers  to think in new ways.  We also learned that while people may like those who are nice to them, they like those who help them gain […]